ANZU® is creating the next generation of interactive platforms that facilitate patient engagement across clinical trials, chronic disease management and wellness programs. This platform is a unique nexus between software development and clinical understanding – without this synergy, software remains tedious and irrelevant to the provider and the patient. While medical management becomes increasingly specialized and complex, we need a next generation of tools to provide accurate characterization of disease processes and clinical decision making.

The management of immunologic disease and treatment is critical to quality and cost outcomes. The restoration and maintenance of Host immunology will define the next generation of therapeutics for the next decade. Management will require an ongoing, complex , bidirectional conversation between patient and physician. A situation ideally suited to ANZU’s mobile Immunity Management System that integrates Provider, Laboratory and  Patient.

Peter Bryant Greenwood, MD, MBA, FCAP

Managing Director Healix Pathology LLP

Managing Director Consultative Genomics PLLC

ANZU® solutions for Jaguar is the best EDC (Electronic Data Capture) System I have worked with in 20 years of clinical operations

Courtney Wells

SVP Clinical Affairs and Operations

Jaguar Gene Therapy

The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF) in collaboration with the Aesthetic Society, has an ongoing partnership with ANZU® in the development of SETA™, a data platform that incorporates the use of electronic data capture technology that will greatly facilitate and improve our ability to conduct prospective clinical trials and registry studies. We have already seen the benefits of the early applications of this technology in the completion of immediate registration of thousands of breast implants this year. The use of SETA and its EDC will allow ASERF to serve both our members and industry partners in a much more effective proactive manner in the future, as we work to demonstrate both the safety and efficacy of procedures in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

Louis Strock, MD

President of ASERF (Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation

The Aesthetic Society has developed 3 integrated digital technologies with ANZU® in the past 5 years that truly set us apart from any other professional organization. Our Aesthetic One™ App is a bidirectional technology with a surgeon side and a patient side provide providing a frictionless interchange of critical information for patient safety. Our final technology that is currently in development, SETA, will revolutionize the way the way we are able to conduct research, including fully compliant clinical trials on this newly developed electronic data capture platform. The ANZU® team is an incredible partner for the society and our research foundation (ASERF) and has always provided great service and ultimately a superb product.

William P Adams, Jr., MD

President The Aesthetic Society

Past President of ASERF (Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation